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Wednesdays CUUS meetings

The CUUS has an informal society meeting every other Wednesday in Wolfson College. You are very welcome to come and socialise over a cup of tea, sing songs (guitars or any other musical instruments encouraged!), play pool or table tennis. You can end the evening in style by going to dance salsa from 10pm in Wolfson College. This is very popular with some of our members. A voluntary contribution of £1-2 for tea and biscuits would be much appreciated.

This is how to find the room once you get to Wolfson: As you face the main entrance to the Porter's lodge, it is a separate standing building on your right. Lee room is on the 1st floor (directly above the seminar room if you know where it is). http://www.wolfson.cam.ac.uk/tour/leeroom/

Please join our announcement list to receive reminders about upcoming meetings.

Sport and travel 2011

The weather is always good in the UK, rain is usually short and warm. Last Easter we enjoyed 3 days of sunshine near the Honister pass, considered the wettest place in England.

CUUS is making a call for people willing to do some hiking or other outdoor activities like cycling, football, tennis, running. Quite often sport is followed with a good meal, barbecue, ets.

Please contact us or come to our events if you want to join a group of active people or if you want to recruit a participants to your group.

It's good to be ready a little in advance of a weekend or bank holiday: we need 1.List of people (please specify if you have any transport or driving licence) 2.List of possible destinations for trips (day, weekend, long weekend) 3.List of people willing to play football or other games.

Please e-mail Andriy (ad468@eng.cam.ac.uk) and he will try to make those lists.

Sometimes we meet for drinks and discussions. The suggested place is The Pickerel pub near Magdalene bridge, at 7 - 8pm on Wednesday (the date to be confirmed) (30 Magdalene Street Cambridge CB3 0AF )