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Holiday traditions

The best Ukrainian holiday traditions

When you want to learn about a new country and their culture, you ought to travel there and speak their language. You have to taste their food, interact with the locals, and get a closer look at their habits. If you want to avoid loneliness, travel to Ukraine accompanied by a mesmerizing escort from Eros. She will be pleased to discover with you the best Ukrainian holiday traditions.

The best things to do in Ukraine

Their culture was widely influenced by the western and eastern neighbors. However, the Folk traditions still linger, and you will enjoy their beautiful customs, especially if you are with a gorgeous escort. It’s essential to come here around the 7th of December when they celebrate St. Catherine’s Day. The unmarried girls kick off their boots during vechornytsi – a special event dedicated to fortune-telling habits, great food, and funny gossips. Baby dolls, key chains, and candle lights will be all over the place, ensuring a magical atmosphere for you and your lovely escort.

On St. Andrew’s Day – in 13th of December – men are free to misbehave. If you spend your vacation here, pay attention to your belongings – and even to your owner’s! Why? Well, the Ukrainian tradition is celebrated by playing tricks and making trouble. Innocents pranks are enjoyed by young and elder inhabitants, likewise. So, take some paint to cover the neighbor’s yarn, or take the fence off and hide it under the snow! Almost everything is allowed on this day! Are you ready to take a good laugh with your adventurous escort? Stay here a little longer and don’t miss Christmas, the holiday with powerful pagan roots which takes place on January 7th.

You read that right! If the charming escorts would like to celebrate Christmas twice, invite them by your side in Ukraine. They successfully avoided commercialization, meaning that the holiday doesn’t lack charm and ancient customs. You will meet carolers and mangers, religious songs will captivate your ears, and the traditional recipes will taste better than ever.

Holiday traditions you shouldn’t miss

It’s crazy, but you shouldn’t expect Santa Claus, hanging stockings, red-nosed reindeer, presents, or Christmas trees. Traditionally, at this time of year, the centerpiece of the house is didukh. That’s a sheaf of wheat and symbolizes the staff of line. Maybe you will find several escorts to explain to you why the Ukrainians cook 12 dishes for the Christmas Dinner. In this special evening, hearing the original Ukrainian folk song that inspired Carol of the Bells is mandatory!

The best Ukrainian holiday traditions will surprise you with their uniqueness and magic. Savor them with your favorite escorts, and you will learn plenty about their customs. Join the crowds of young people who walk around houses while they act out short Christmas-related pranks. If you stay for a few more days in Ukraine, you will have the opportunity to celebrate New Year’s twice, this time o 14th of January. Drink, dance, relish the amazing Ukrainian recipes, and discover the wonders of their culture!