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Fun facts about Ukraine

Each and every country has something special that charms both the inhabitants and tourists. You must travel there in order to get the most out of the state you will visit. But even if you will visit the country, you have to possess some basic information regarding where to go, what you must visit, things to eat and where to sleep. Here are some fun facts about Ukraine – facts that will make you want to visit this country as soon as possible.

Discover Ukraine

Ukraine is the country where they speak both Ukrainian and Russian, where the heaviest coin in the world was issued, where you have to pay for plastic bags at the grocery store and where you will find the geographical center of Europe. Ukrainian language is in fact the second most melodic in the world, after Italian language. 70 % of the population have higher education and, as statistics show, they are often more generous than they can afford to be.

They are recognized as the fifth most drinking nation in the world and they consume bread in almost every meal. But if you will ever visit this beautiful country protected by the Carpathian Mountains, you must definitely consume their traditional recipes. Deruni – potatoes pancakes, Nalystnyks – thin pancakes stuffed with mushrooms or meat, Tushkovane Rebra z Ovochi – Braised Pork Spareribs with vegetables, Borshch – a traditional soup with beet root and up to 20 other ingredients, Varenyky – traditional dumplings and Banosh with Brynza – which is actually a recipe of Carpathian cuisine and consists of corn flour cooked in sour cream and topped with Brynza (tasty sheep cheese) and Shkvarky (scrunchy bits of pork fat) – these are only some of the recipes you have to taste while you will visit Ukraine.

The most appreciated restaurants in Ukraine’s capital city Kiev – also referred to as Kyiv – are Shoti, Odessa Restaurant, Spotykach, Pervak and Slavutych Shato Brewery. Log out from you computer, go out in town and make sure you will not miss the traditional drinks either: Kvas, Medovuha, Samogon and Uzvar are delicious, whether you are in the mood for alcoholic or soft beverages. They will quench your thirst in the most delightful way and even though some of them are sweet, they will make you forget about everything but your adventure in Ukraine.

Because it is rich in natural resources, Ukraine has a long and sad history. It has been invaded for multiple times by Vladimir the Great, Mongols, Polish, Nazis and Russians. Ukrainians became fierce warriors led by powerful leaders so the Cossacks are renowned today for their strength and fighting skills. If you want to know more about the history of this impressive country, you will have to visit the National Museum of the History of Ukraine in Kiev.

Since you will arrive in Kiev, take a stop in the most interesting tourist attractions then visit Odessa, Lviv, Donetsk and Kharkiv. Charm your eyes with interesting architectures, learn the story behind them and relish with the most appreciated Ukrainian recipes when you will need more energy to explore the wonders within Ukraine. Spend a few days wandering around and get to know more about the friendly Ukrainian people!